The Hand-E Gripper allows you to start production faster. Its Plug + Play integration adapts quickly to parts of various shapes and sizes.


  • 拾取与放置
  • 机床上下料
  • 机器维保
  • 组装
  • 实验室分析及测试





  • 描述


    • 50 mm stroke
    • Easy to program position, speed & force
    • Eliminate changeovers & reduce tooling costs
    • Built-in part detection feature
    • Precise and strong
    • Sealed for industrial environments


    The Hand-E Gripper offers Plug + Play integration with all Universal Robots models. You have full control over the Gripper to adjust its position, speed and force so that it grips your object perfectly. Hand-E offers seamless integration with Robotiq Plug + Product. Your robot can locate the right part with the Wrist Camera, and insert it correctly with the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor and Hand-E. You can also take your cycle times down a notch by using multiple grippers on one robot.
  • 技术资料

    Includes a URCap plugin:

    UR3, UR5, UR10
    UR3e, UR5e, UR10e
    CB2, CB3.0, CB3.1

    Software version required: 
    PolyScope 3.5 and up is required to use the latest URCap plugin. If using older version, contact Robotiq support to get previous versions.

    No dependencies. Enable new applications with vision and force control. Hand-E integrates seamlessly with the Robotiq FT 300 Force Torque Sensor and Wrist Camera, simplifying cable management in the process.

    Certifications and standards:
    Meets the applicable basic requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (CE).
    Additionally, the product declares in conformity with the following directives, according to which the product is CE marked:
    2011/65/EU Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances (ROHS)
    The following standards have been applied:
    NF EN ISO 14539 2000 Manipulating industrial robots — Object handling with grasp-type grippers — Vocabulary and presentation of characteristics
    NF EN ISO 12100 2012 Safety of machinery
    General principles for design — Risk assessment and risk reduction
    CEI 60204-1 Ed5.1 2009 Safety of machinery — Electrical equipment of machines — Part 1: General requirements
    NF EN ISO 9409-1 2004 Manipulating industrial robots — Mechanical interfaces
    Part 1: Plate

    Outsider diameter: 75mm
    Height: 110mm with coupling (without fingertips)

    What's in the box?:
    Hand-E Gripper kit for UR includes:
    Hand-E Gripper
    Fingertip starting kit
    Coupling to install on UR robot
    Power and communication wire with USB adapter
    Screw kit
    USB stick to install the URCap*
    *URCap can be downloaded from support.robotiq.com

    License type:
    One-time purchase
    Free URCap software
    Free URCap updates
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  • HAND-E
  • HAND-E
  • HAND-E


UR3 机器人

有效载荷 3 kg

UR5 机器人

有效载荷 5 kg

UR10 机器人

有效载荷 10 kg